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At DEME, we believe in making a positive impact on the future of our world. With over 145 years of experience on the forefront of marine engineering, we deliver innovative, tailor-made solutions and new technologies for our customers' projects. 

From installing the energy infrastructure of tomorrow to repurposing industrial land for future use, DEME utilises the cutting edge of maritime technology to address our planet's most urgent challenges. We want our partners to join us on that journey to help us shape the world together.


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  • Innovation & pioneering DNA

    DEME addresses global challenges with innovative solutions and is often a pioneer in doing so. For example, the first TSHD on the market able to sail on dual-fuel entered the fleet in 2017 and our Offshore Wind activities started as early as in 2000.

  • State-of-the-art fleet

    DEME owns and operates one of the largest and most technologically advanced fleet in the world. The Offshore Energy segment and the Dredging & Infra segment count 21 and 47 dedicated vessels respectively.

  • Diversified set of activities and global footprint

    Thanks to successful diversification efforts, DEME benefits from a de-risked portfolio of activities, exposed to several markets, with numerous opportunities to enjoy operational and strategic synergies. Additionally, because of its worldwide presence, the Group benefits from a geographically diverse set of operations.

  • Know-how and track record

    With its long-standing presence in the Dredging & Infra segment and its Environmental activities which started as early as in 1988, the Company can count on its past experience, deep industrial knowledge, and strong network to offer solutions to the most complex projects and access new opportunities.

  • Concessions activities

    DEME can leverage its concessions activities to strengthen and diversify the Group’s financial position, to secure contracting work for the other segments and to offer growth potential in new and existing markets.

  • Highly skilled human capital

    Specialized crew and staff enable DEME to properly execute its projects and offer global marine solutions tailored to its clients’ needs.

  • Partnership philosophy

    DEME has a sincere partnership philosophy that allows the Group to access and build strategic positions in new and upcoming markets.

  • Attractive financial profile

    DEME has a healthy leverage and robust balance sheet that supports a capital-intensive business.


As per December 31, 2023

  • Turnover 3,285 million euro
  • EBITDA 596 million euro
  • EBIT 241 million euro
  • Net Profit 163 million euro
  • Orderbook 7,582 million euro
  • Net Financial Debt -512 million euro

Sustainability and safety for us are not just vague ambitions, these are simply everyday practice

Luc Vandenbulcke

Financial calendar


  • 14/05/2024 - Trading Update - 1Q24
  • 15/05/2024 - General Assembly
  • 29/08/2024 - Half year results - 1H24
  • 14/11/2024 - Trading Update - 3Q24
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