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In spring 2016, the consortium consisting of Nordsee, Bilfinger Marine & Offshore Systems GmbH (now F+Z Baugesellschaft) and TAGU was awarded the contract for the construction of the extension of the Europakai LP 4 in Cuxhaven.

The approximately 250 m long quay wall is divided into 8 blocks and comprises a mixed tubular sheet pile wall, which is anchored by driven raked piles. A low-lying, quay platform was planned to limit the high loads on the pile wall. This had a constant component height of 90 cm and is based on in-situ concrete piles with a diameter of 61 cm.


We used the following profiles for the quay wall:

  • Axle tubes of diameter 1620 x 22 mm in steel grade S460MH or NH, with lengths up to 43 m
  • Filling piles AZ 26-700 in steel grade S355GP
  • Raked pile HTM 600/151 in steel grade S355GP with lengths up to 67 m

We shortened the consolidation phases by an extension of the eastern transverse wall and thus optimised the construction time. The quay is designed for traffic loads of 100 kN/m² in the control area and 200 kN/m² in the area of heavy-duty blocks.

Used technology

A particular challenge of the project was the thick, soft layers around the operating areas and the consolidation concept created to deal with this using pre-loading and vertical drainage, which had to be integrated into the construction process, and the short construction period.

As part of the construction project, two dolphins with a diameter of 2,200 x 22 and a length of 39 m were installed and fully equipped (fenders, bollards, lighting, bridges).

Technical data/main dimensions:

  • Height difference 23.25 m
  • Harbour floor NN -17.0 m
  • Calculated floor NN -19.0/-20.0 m
  • Sand flushing Approx. 1,000,000 m³

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