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The Jurong Island Westward Extension land reclamation project is another addition to Jurong Island, an island that has been amalgamated out of seven existing smaller islands in the Western part of Singapore and has become the world’s third largest oil refining and petrochemical hub.

DEME was awarded a Design and Build contract for 148 ha of land reclamation to extend Jurong Island by Jurong Town Corporation, the largest industrial landlord in Singapore.

Our scope comprised sand bund construction with shore protection, dredging to deepen the shoreline, basin and channel realignment, soil improvement works, sand supply, the reuse of marine dredged and land-based excavated material and the construction of roads, drains and sewers and preparation of a site for vacuum consolidation research. A part of the Temasek Fairway and West Jurong Channel also had to be realigned and deepened to the specified levels.


We deployed spud grab dredgers and our own, self-propelled trailing suction hopper dredger 'Nile River' for the works. The project was developed in three reclamation phases. We executed the works according to the provisions of the environmental assessment and the requirements of the environmental monitoring and management programme. On top of that, our own high environment and workplace safety standards were followed throughout the project.

The Jurong Island Westward Extension project saw several innovative approaches to minimise the sand requirement of the reclamation. First, using grab dredgers for the dredging of clays and soft materials in the dredging area ensured that these materials would be entirely re-usable in the reclamation fill. Secondly, Contractor was in charge of the soil improvement design and execution, installing a very large quantity of PVDs and closely monitoring the settlement of the reclamation fill.

This re-use of resources was further augmented by the addition of external material sources (sand supply from overseas and supply of excavated materials from other construction sites within Singapore), necessitating a detailed and diligent design and follow-up of the reclamation process, the composition and material properties of the reclamation fill, and the soil improvement activities. Experimental methods, such as vacuum consolidation (in an on-site trial testbed), were also deployed to assess them for possible future use at scale.

This project was followed by the subsequent Ayer Merbau Phase 2 Project (2017-2019) for the account of Jurong Town Corporation on Jurong Island, attesting the competitiveness and quality of DEME’s engineered solution.

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