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This project entailed the transport and installation of a natural gas processing offshore facility to treat the gas from the Q10-A field, located 26 km off the coast of Ijmuiden with the HGLJV 'Apollo'. The Q10 platform is a Minimum Facility Platform of Tulip Oil, which is designed to extract gas and perform basic processing such as water removal.

With three windmills, a wall of solar panels and battery pack, the platform is entirely self- sufficient. Furthermore, the platform is unmanned and equipped with all the technology required for full remote control.

Apollo (Offshore Installation Vessel) at Q10 project, from the side


DEME's scope consisted of the following activities:

  • Removal of the conductor dome by diving operations, deploying DSV ‘Markab’ and installation of a trash cover into the wellhead
  • Barge transportation of the jacket from the fabrication yard in Hartlepool, the UK to the load-out port in Flushing, the Netherlands
  • Offshore transport and lifting of the 620 tonnes jacket onto the seabed over the pre-installed conductor with HLJV ‘Apollo’
  • Installing the four 130 tonnes, 72 m long piles into the jacket sleeves and driving them approximately 58 m penetration
  • Levelling the jacket and swaging the piles
  • Installing the 450 tonnes topside onto the jacket and welding the connection
  • Platform hook-up works

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