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The project entailed the removal and transport of the vent tower (top elevation + 81.5m LAT) and a crane boom from the Thames Complex, located in Block 49/28 of the Southern North Sea, 80 km north east of the Bacton Terminal to an onshore disposal yard, located in Vlissingen (NL).

Thames installation was a three bridge-linked platforms’ complex: the wellhead (AW) platform, the processing and quarters (AP) platform and the reception platform (AR).

The Thames Complex is approximately 19.5 m from LAT to the cellar deck and 43 m from LAT to the Helideck. The jacket was in a 32.5 m water depth. Production ceased in 2014.

Neptune (Offshore Installation Vessel) at Vent project, UK (side)


DEME’s scope comprised the following activities:

  • Preparations & engineering
  • Mobilisation of ‘Neptune’ in Great Yarmouth
  • Transit to Thames field
  • Removal of the vent tower (120 tonnes, 62 m height) and down-ending on 'Neptune’s' deck
  • Removal of AW crane boom
  • Transport to onshore disposal yard in Vlissingen
  • Offloading the removed assets at the disposal yard in floating mode
  • Demobilisation of ‘Neptune’ in Vlissingen

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